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Dental Hygienist


Our hygienist is Carmen. Carmen initially worked for the school dental service as a dental nurse before attending the University of Melbourne to complete her full time two year diploma in Oral Health. Her many years with the school dental service gave her much experience in managing children and teenagers who are anxious about dental treatment.

Carmen carefully checks every patient to ensure the gums (we call these the periodontal tissues or gingiva) are healthy prior to treatment. She also provides feedback at to whether the toothbrushing and overall cleaniness of the teeth is of a high enough standard to allow the braces to work effectively. All our patients will see Carmen at various stages to have dental photos and impressions taken to make models of the teeth. Carmen also performs tasks such as placing separator rubbers prior to to braces being fitted. The actual treatment visits where the braces are placed and adjusted are with Dr Tony.


Specialist orthodontics involves careful consideration of long term success. Our patients now bring their own children to see us. That is the highest compliment we can get and we love that we are part of their family, their community.


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