Retainers – removable and fixed

Removable Retainersupper ret

These are made of hard plastic with wire. When you first get this you may find it difficult to talk and eat but after about a week you will adjust back to normal.


  • Leave the retainer in your mouth. This is the safest place!
  • Clean it after eating (or at least rinse it)
  • Remove the retainer when you are swimming or playing rough sport.


  • Flick it up and down with your tongue. This is irritating to others (which sort of makes it attractive) and the retainer will loosen quickly so it wont be doing its job and it may break.
  • Eat sticky food

If you must have your retainer outlower ret

  1. Put it in a protective box
  2. Don’t wrap it in a tissue or napkin (it will get thrown out!)
  3. Don’t put it in you pocket or place it down anywhere- plates are attracted to feet and dogs!
  4. Put it back as soon as possible -if you leave it out too long your teeth may move and you may not be able to get it back in your mouth.
    Contact us as soon as possible if this happens.

If anything goes wrong and you are unable wear your retainer contact our surgery as SOON as possible to make an appointment.

Fixed Retainersbonded ret

Bonded retainers may be used on the upper and lower teeth as required. Sometimes upper bonded retainers are used where the upper teeth were initially spaced. It is even more critical that we review on a regular basis our upper bonded retainer patients, and that regular dental check-ups are maintained.