Invisible orthodontics

Doesn’t that sound great!innvn Clear
Unfortunately this is the real story –

  1. Braces inside the teeth (so you can’t see them): These are very difficult to place and more difficult to keep in place. They are considerably more expensive.
  2. Clear braces: They are only slightly more expensive and we will be happy to discuss whether your orthodontic case is suitable for clear braces. Most adult patients find these meet their aesthetic demands.We now use aesthetic self ligating braces. This means we can eliminate the use of individual elastic modules, which can discolour (particularly after a curry meal). This is a close up picture of clear braces. In the mouth, self ligating braces are very aesthetic.
  3. Clear removable orthodontic guides (aligners): Widely advertised in magazines. These are only suitable for less severe cases and are expensive because of the high laboratory costs.