Head gear

Headgear is an appliance worn in younger patients that uses the back or top of the head as an anchor while the upper teeth are pulled backward. This is worn at home in the evenings and bed. And it does not have to be worn for sleepovers and school camps.

Plates are appliances that can be taken in and out of the mouth by the patient. Plates cannot move teeth with the same degree of accuracy as braces. We use plates for treating simple problems in young patients.

Functional appliancesfunct 2
Functional appliances are designed to reduce the protrusion of the upper front teeth. It was once hoped they would also stimulate the growth of the lower jaw to help the correction. We now know such an effect is only temporary and so we do not use these plates as jaw growers, but rather as protrusive bite fixers. They come in many different designs. Some are ‘glued’ or ‘fixed’ to the teeth and some are removable like plates.