Elastics or rubber bands

Elastics or rubber bands are sometimes used in orthodontic treatments. These are especially helpful in aligning the upper and lower jaws. When help is needed to move teeth elastics may be stretched from these teeth and attached to either the upper or lower appliances(braces etc). It’s important to wear these as you are instructed or orthodontic treatment will take longer. If you have rubber bands during treatment please read our care of rubber bands information.

How they go!
We get you to help here by learning how to attach the elastics from one hook to another in your mouth.
As the elastics lose some of their stretch after some time in your mouth you will need to change them regularly.

Don’t worry. We will tell you how and when to wear the elastics and how often to change them.

Remember – if they are not worn then the teeth won’t move and the orthodontic treatment will take longer. We know that you love to visit us and we love to see you but the sooner the orthodontic treatment is over the better our relationship (and that with your parents) will be!

But it’s a bit sore when I wear them
Elastics put extra force on the teeth so your teeth may be sensitive for a few days. Don’t leave them out because this will slow down treatment and you will soon get over this soreness so the only time you will feel odd is when the elastics are out.

Eating etc…
If you are unable to eat with elastics in, remember to replace them as soon as you have finished eating.
You may learn to eat with elastics in place. If you do this then you don’t have to worry about putting them back in after eating.

Call us
If one of the hooks that the elastics are attached to breaks or bends please call us – don’t wait for your next appointment. Also, please call us if you lose or run out of elastics as we will post some out.