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Important Coronavirus safety update: 6th August 2020

Victorian Stage 4 restrictions apply.
We regret we are not able to see patients for routine appointments until after lock down.
The practice is open to receive calls between 9 am and 5 pm. Patients of our practice requiring emergency assistance will be seen by appointment. The after hours emergency service for our patients is as normal and please call 0419 315 168 as on your appointment card.
Stay safe and good health to all.

Ferntree Orthodontics


Our Staff Team

Our staff are there to help and we promote a friendly environment. The aim is to provide an atmosphere in which staff are happy and have a personal interest in the workings of the practice. Our staff have input into the areas in which they wish to work and on a daily basis decide which responsibilities they will take on. Our low staff turnover provides continuity for our patients.


Specialist orthodontics involves careful consideration of long term success. Our patients now bring their own children to see us. That is the highest compliment we can get and we love that we are part of their family, their community.


Current active Members

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