aboutus2014Every individual patient comes with their own individual and unique set of problems and concerns. We have resisted the trend towards production line orthodontics. Individual single operatory chair treatment rooms are the core of our practice, rather than the multiple chair set-ups where patients lie side by side waiting to be seen.Our practice layout means we are at the same time, able to be efficient, attend to you as an individual and our fees are no higher.

Dr Collett is a contemporary mainstream practitioner. This means we use techniques that are widely accepted by the vast majority of orthodontists that have, for the most part, stood the test of time. He has an active interest in evidence-based practice, which means the success of the techniques is not just a matter of opinion, but can be supported by independent scientific evidence (see section Research, Resources and Links). We embrace new evidence-based developments and technology in order to keep up to date. However, we are reluctant to take on board the latest fads and marketing hype without some solid substance.

Our policy is to practice environmental conservation where possible and to buy Australian if a quality product option is there. We generate our own solar power, use recycled paper and we practice recycling (but never of patient used items). A local business in the Dandenong Ranges produces some of our orthodontic supplies. We also purchase other Australian products from several sources.

Dr Collett is committed to continuing education and attends numerous orthodontic conventions and lectures (also as a presenter). Dr Collett is a member of the executive committee of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. He also is a member of the teaching staff of The University of Melbourne Dental School, and senior orthodontist at Monash Medical Centre.

We also participate in the Give a Smile Program. This is an initiative of the Australian Society of Orthodontists aimed at assisting disadvantaged children in obtaining orthodontic care.

Our practice

We are a specialist orthodontic practice with our own purpose built premises.

We are computerised and all our staff have a high degree of computer literacy.
As well as utlising specialist orthodontic software, we also use accounting packages, word processing and database software. Digital photography forms an integral part of our treatment records. All equipment is the latest state of the art.

Many people these days are concerned about infection control. We have strict infection control procedures and our autoclave never seems to be resting.

Treatment services

We provide comprehensive orthodontic care for children and adults. All modalities of treatment are available. Each individual is assessed in detail and treated accordingly. Treatment may involve so-called early treatment with night wear appliances, routine braces, or more complex treatment involving additional modalities such as orthodontic corrective jaw surgery.